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Meeting Date: July 11, 2011 Time: 6:15 P.M. Place: Town Hall

Posting Date: July 07, 2011 Time: 3:00 P.M. Place: Town Hall

Filed By:___________________________ Municipal Clerk

Patricia Pearl


1. Call the meeting to order

2. Discuss and vote to approve the minutes of the June 13, Regular


3. Discuss and vote to approve the claims.

4. Discuss and vote on what to do about the Senior Center flooring that

was table from the June 13, meeting they will be closed the 28-29 of July

and we can fix the flooring then.

5. Discuss and vote to except Danny Lees resignation.

6. Discuss and vote to order more ordinance books.

7. Discuss and vote to re-appoint Sharon Anderson to the Mountain View

Housing authority.

8. Discuss and vote on having Southwest Fire check our Fire Extinguisher. 9. Discuss and vote on the Fire Department Training.

10. Vote to go into Executive Session as allowed by 25 O.S. Section 307&

311 to duties to be preformed and evaluations of all employees, Eddie

Williams, Patricia Pearl, Glenda Hancock, Jerry Davis, Jim Ross,

Amber Beadles, Travis Lee. and LD VanScoy.

11. Vote to return to regular session.

12. Discuss and vote on changing the comp time on the policy that was.

13. Discuss and vote on changing the hours at the dump and personnel.

14. Discuss and vote on making a flat sewer rate.

15. Discuss our water on the drought situation.

16. Discuss the position of dog catcher.

17. Discuss and vote on having the city employees keep a log on all the city


18. Discuss Amber Beadles employment that was tabled from the June 13


19. Discuss and vote to give pay Patricia Pearl two weeks vacation pay.

20. Discuss and vote on setting up a dog kennel here in Mountain View

for week end use.

21. Discuss and vote on not driving city pick ups after hours unless it is for

city business.

22. Discuss and vote on giving Josh Miller our reserve officer some


23. New Business:

24. Citizen Participation.

25. Adjourn.