Article taken from the Mountain View Progress, 1905 Tornado

City: Mountain View, Kiowa County
The Town of Mountain View was born as a "tent city" in Washita County, and grew up as a permanent community in Kiowa County. In 1897, the railroad built a roundhouse here so the trains could turn around to return to Chickasha. Standing on that site in 1898, railroad officials suggested the name "Mountain View".

In 1903, land was sold in the new Town of Mountain View, and by the end of the year, the Town's poulation was over 1,000. The Depression and the Dust Bowl drove many people from western Oklahoma, but the Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) built a number of lasting structures in Town. After World War II, Mountain View lost many of its people to areas with industrialized jobs.

Today, Mountain View is a great example of a small, rural community in Southwest Oklahoma trying to find an economic identity. The Town provides excellent Municipal services and a variety of amenities. The Downtown offers a wonderful possibility for driving the Town's economic revitalization. Toward that end, Mountain View became a "Main Street" Community in 1995.

In 2004, the Town will become one of three "anchors" for the Wichita Mountains Scenic Byway, a route that will help create additional tourism-related demands for the goods and services in the Mountain View economy.

Mountain View has received a Community Development Block Grant to inventory infrastructure features for Capital Improvement Planning (CIP).

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 Contact Information
 Local Contacts
Paul Fisher
Park Area Foundation, Inc.
P. O. Box 39
154 East Lake Drive
Medicine Park, OK 73557
Phone: (580) 529-2825
Fax: (580) 529-3110
Mobile: None
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 Population Totals
2002 Estimate 2000 Census 
Mountain View 850 880
Kiowa County 9,900 10,227
Within 30 miles    
Median Age:   43.7
Median Household Income:   $21,583
 Labor Force
  Current 2000 Census 
Working Age Population Within 30 Miles:    
  Ages 16 and Over    
  Ages 25 - 64    
Total Civilian Labor Force    
Total Employed    
Total Unemployed    
Unemployment Rate    
 Distance to Nearest Interstate
 Highway Miles  Driving Time
I-40 31 31 minutes
 Distance to Major Cities
 City Miles     City Miles 
Atlanta,Georgia 823   Memphis,Tennessee 492
Chicago,Illinois 759   Mexico City,Mexico 1,084
Cincinnati,Ohio 834   New Orleans,Louisiana 617
Cleveland,Ohio 1,022   New York,New York 1,397
Dallas,Texas 195   Oklahoma City,Oklahoma 75
Denver,Colorado 468   San Francisco,California 1,324
Detroit,Michigan 980   Seattle,Washington 1,486
Houston,Texas 408   St. Louis,Missouri 532
Kansas City,Missouri 359   Toronto,Ontario 1,186
Little Rock,Arkansas 367   Tulsa,Oklahoma 171
Los Angeles,California 1,108